Labour protection

CJSC "EnergoStroy" is a dynamically developing company.

ENERGOSTROY has implemented an Integrated management system. This certification is part of the overall management system of the company and meets several international standards at the same time. It includes ISO 9001:2015 quality management System, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management System and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management System.

The management of CJSC EnergoStroy allocates organizational, material, personnel and financial resources for:

● continuous improvement and improvement of the quality management System; 
● ensuring the implementation of commitments made in the field of environmental protection; 
● maintaining a high level of environmental safety of production activities; 
● minimize occupational health and safety risks.

Policy in the field of quality 


The implementation of the quality management System of ISO 9001:2015 JSC "EnergoStroy" has confirmed its compliance with the standards of international organizations. This means that the company's processes are perfectly organized, the staff understands the principles formulated, strives for the goals set and complies with the requirements set out in the documents. Customers can be absolutely confident in the stability of ENERGOSTROY as a partner.


The main principles and directions of JSC EnergoStroy in the field of quality: 


● the desire not only to meet the agreed terms of construction with the customer, but also to reduce them; 
● use only high-quality materials and modern equipment; 
● compliance with the storage conditions required by manufacturers; 
● selection of the best construction technologies; 
● monitoring the progress of work; 
● compliance with state requirements in the field of construction; 
● strict maintenance of production discipline; 
● maximum assistance in expanding the range of competencies of employees; 
● continuous improvement of the quality management system; 
● improved manageability of production and organizational processes.


Environmental policy 

CJSC EnergoStroy works according to System of ecological management of ISO 14001:2015 and strictly observes norms and provisions of the Russian and international legislation.

Only resource-saving technologies are used in the construction of facilities. The list of operations of the production cycle must include work on environmental monitoring (industrial environmental control), restoration of land and other natural resources.

Obligations of CJSC EnergoStroy in the field of environmental protection:

●comply with all requirements of Russian legislation, agreements, standards and rules in the field of environmental management, environmental protection and environmental safety; 
●comply with all requirements of international standards in the field of nature protection.

Main principles and directions of EnergoStroy CJSC in the field of environmental protection:

● reducing the negative impact on the environment through the introduction of modern methods of work, new technologies and techniques; 
● growth of professionalism and environmental education of the company's employees; 
● organization of work with subcontractors, taking into account the priority requirements in the field of environmental protection; 
● application of risk-based thinking; 
● continuous improvement of the environmental management system and stricter criteria for the assessment of indicators;  
● involvement of employees in environmental activities.


Occupational health and safety policy 

The OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management System has been implemented and maintained in ENERGOSTROY CJSC.

Obligations of CJSC EnergoStroy in the field of professional health and safety:

●injury prevention and prevention of deterioration of workers ' health by identifying hazards, assessing and managing risks at all levels, carrying out organizational and technical measures, improving equipment and technology, personal protective equipment; 
●continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management system; 
●implementation of all available measures to prevent accidents; 
●employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work without compromising health; 
●communication of the Policy to all persons under the management of the Company and availability to all stakeholders.